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Don Tapscott

Wake up! It’s a new world, says Denise Shiffman

Just read the most recent posting on Denise Shiffman’s blog.  I’m a big fan of Denise’s book The Age of Engage, and was pleased that she asked me to write the book’s foreword.

Her zeal is infectious. Some highlights of her posting re social media on company time:

“Those 20-somethings won’t join companies that ban Facebook on company time. Executives that don’t allow texting during a meeting are considered out of touch. Companies that don’t blog have missed out on the conversation that is the marketplace (their customers, prospects, and even competitors).  Wake up! It’s a new world.

“Web 2.0 and social media are here to stay. These tools, technologies, features and Web platforms have forever changed user behavior online, as well as user expectations of the companies they purchase from. It is important for companies to understand and participate in this new Web.

“Social media offers new opportunities to engage customers directly, influence the marketplace, increase brand awareness and affinity, build a better customer experience, and collect market intelligence. Now, why would you want to ignore that?

Click here to see the whole blog.  It’s well worth forwarding to your boss if he/she is hesitant/bewildered about what to do next.  As Denise says:  “It’s critical at this point that you don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. It’s okay to take baby steps. At least you’ll be walking in the right direction.”

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