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Mike Dover

Helicopter Parents and Entrepreneurship

We’ve just made public a research study we conducted with Neil Howe about Helicopter Parents. Click here to download the hard copy.

Here is an interesting study that proposes that children of helicopter parents will not become entrepreneurs because they haven’t learned “how to fail.” From the article:

What many developmental psychologists argue is that the ideal parenting strategy is to raise your kids in ways that make them “feel safe in taking risks.”  That might seem contradictory, but the idea is that kids need to know that they can take risks by exploring new things or people and that they will both reap the rewards of doing so and bear the costs of doing so, at least short of something catastrophic.  The idea of “feeling safe in taking risks” is what true psychological attachment is about, rather than the very mistaken notion of “attachment” that is in vogue with “attachment parenting,” which is just another name for the over-involved parenting that is the problem.


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