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Anthony D. Williams

Wikinomics for global problem solving

I’ve been working on our follow-up book to Wikinomics and came across this nice quote in the transcript from my recent interview with Larry Smarr:

“Having a wiki world, and having an ability to instantaneously set up mass collaboration, you can solve problems on a time scale that’s going to matter. So if we start having a bird flu pandemic, or if global warming continues to accelerate, we may not have the luxury of what I think of today as the slow speed of coming to answers for the challenges confronting the human race. And so the idea of being able to apply all the brains on the planet to a time urgent situation is something that we are going to look back on and be really glad that we figured out how to do because otherwise it’s going to be too late.”

I thought he summed up what this next book is going to be about pretty well.

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