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Bill Gillies - Editor

Microsoft’s remarkable Project Natal and Milo

At the recent E3 conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft unveiled technology it called Project Natal.  Watch the embedded video on this post for a demonstration.  Microsoft has eliminated the controller for interacting with video games.  Want to play a game of soccer?  Then stand up, start moving your feet, and score a goal.  It’s WII on steroids.  The system uses a video camera, microphone, and a scanner.  You can talk, walk, sing and the computer knows what you are doing.  You no longer need a game controller, or as Don Mattrick, the senior VP of Xbox, puts it, “We’re using the best controller ever invented: you.”

At the end of the video you’re given a link to another video which presents Milo. Be sure to watch it. He’s a young animated character that can interact with a human.  You can speak with Milo and he answers your questions responds to your movements.

At the conference Microsoft positioned Project Natal as the next very-large step in video games.  It doesn’t take much imagination to see what an extraordinary tool could be in classrooms.  The virtual reality can replicate any environment, such as sitting in a spacecraft or walking through Roman ruins.  Milo can accompany you wherever you are, answering questions and posing questions of his own.  Imagine Milo teaching biology or math to a grade six student.  You would have a personal cyber teacher dedicated to helping you acquire knowledge. The potential is remarkable.

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