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Don Tapscott

Best Buy crowdsources a job description

I like the electronics retailing juggernaut Best Buy, and have had a number of discussions with the company’s senior management on how it can tap the full potential of the Net Generation as employees and as customers.

Recently the company advertised for a Sr. Manager of Emerging Media Marketing. This person would be in charge of social media marketing.  And according to Best Buy, the successful candidate would have at least one year of active blogging experience, a graduate degree, and more than 250 followers on Twitter.

The job qualifications caused a bit of a stir in the blogosphere. Some questioned the need for a graduate degree (in what?), or the idea that people with less than 250 Twitter followers need not apply.

The reason I think Best Buy is so great is illustrated by what happened next. Best Buy’s CMO Barry Judge decided to capitalize on the online interest by asking the company’s customers and employees for help in creating the perfect job description.  He announced the contest in his blog:

We recently posted a job that got a lot of buzz because of its qualifications. …In following the conversation around this job posting we discovered that many people had other ideas for how this job description should look, and what the qualifications should be.  We realized that perhaps we hadn’t thought of everything.  Beyond that we thought perhaps we could find a way to enable a more pointed discussion about this relatively new job category of Emerging Media.

It seemed to us to be a natural progression to get the community involved in crafting the job description and qualifications. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’d like you, (yes all of you), to help us write the job description for our Sr Manager of Emerging Media Marketing job.

We’d also like you all to help us pick the best description.

You can see the suggestions so far here. I’ll post the winning job requirements as soon as they are announced.

Of course, all thoughts and comments are welcome here as well.

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