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CoSN and nGenera announce partnership

This week at the National Educational Computing Conference, the Consortium for School Networking (or CoSN) and nGenera Corporation, led by Don Tapscott – chairman of its nGenera Insight thought leadership group and best-selling author – announced a partnership between their organizations, based on common interests in aligning the power of Web 2.0 with the enterprise needs of school districts and their communities. Through the partnership, CoSN and its members will participate in thought leadership webinars, join original research projects, and receive Web 2.0 and collaborative advisory services from nGenera. For its part, nGenera will participate in CoSN conferences, CTO Clinics, and Forums; join key CoSN leadership initiatives; and contribute to CoSN professional development resources such as its EdTechNext mini-reports series.

“We are thrilled to have Don Tapscott and nGenera join CoSN as a major sponsor through this partnership,” said Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN. “Our mission is to empower K-12 school district technology leaders to use technology strategically to improve teaching and learning. Clearly, Web 2.0 technologies and tools have transformative potential in and outside of the classroom. With its deep background in collaborative initiatives and Web 2.0 working with the world’s largest enterprises, we look forward to having an organization like nGenera lending its experience and resources to our membership.”

“In my research and writing of Grown Up Digital, I spoke with educational leaders around the world,” said Tapscott. “They see the profound impact of digital technologies in the private sector, and want to be equally innovative in their schools. They want to move away from a one-size-fits-all broadcast model of education with the teacher being seen as the ‘sage on the stage.’ Instead, much of the curriculum could be built around Web 2.0 technologies that would let students develop at their own pace. Teachers could then spend more one-on-one time with each student and focus on their specific needs. There is tremendous pent-up demand for such creativity. I look forward to working with the Consortium in bringing the digital classroom to life.”

Among the first collaborations between the organizations under the partnership will be joint work on “Web 2.0 Success and Failure Factors,” a research project being conducted by nGenera’s Insight group. Likewise, the organizations will collaborate on a CoSN-exclusive webinar for CIOs/CTOs led by Tapscott and sharing early research going into his next major book, for release in 2010, not yet titled.

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