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Bill Gillies - Editor

Wedding entrance captures five of eight norms

If you haven’t seen the wedding entrance dance on YouTube by the couple from St Paul, Minnesota, then click on the link here and prepare yourself for a big treat. The five-minute video clip shows the pair dancing energetically towards the altar, preceded by their ushers, bridesmaids and groomsmen.  It’s all done to the tune of Chris Brown’s song Forever.  The video has gone viral. Posted less than two weeks ago, it has already been viewed more than 8.5 million times.

The bride, Jill Peterson, and groom, Kevin Heinz, are both 28, which puts them on the leading edge of the Net Generation.

The creative entrance captures five of the Net Generation’s eight norms.  The couple felt the Freedom to be creative and not constrained by tradition.  The entrance was Customized just the way they wanted it.  They Collaborated with others in the wedding party. It provided huge Entertainment for them and the guests.  And above all, it shows incredible Innovation.

The bride said only the couple’s parents were aware of the plans for the unconventional wedding march and that the dance was only rehearsed for “about an hour and a half” before the ceremony.

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