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Bill Gillies - Editor

Youth respond favourably to public health campaign

It’s official – South African youth love to Scrutinize! An animated public health campaign called “Scrutinize HIV” has been chosen by children and young adults as one of the best media campaigns in the country.

All seven television commercials in the campaign can be viewed here.

The Scrutinize campaign aims to raise awareness of HIV among young people and encourage them to scrutinize and take responsibility for their own potentially risky behavior – and already, its catchphrases such as “Flip HIV to HI-Victory” are being incorporated into popular culture.

“In my 20 years of global advertising work, I’ve never heard of a social marketing campaign featuring in a people’s choice marketing/brand awards and certainly never in one polled amongst teens,” said Cal Bruns, director of the commercials. “That Scrutinize was featured in the same breath as Coke, Pepsi and Volkswagen is utterly amazing and even more so in South Africa, where aspiration and the cool factor count for everything.”

Surveys revealed that young South African urbanites love humorous commercials, and that television advertising is the best way to connect with teenagers and young adults. In addition, the Scrutinize campaign was found to have a high ‘talkability’ factor among young South Africans.

The animated commercial was also selected as a finalist in the prestigious International Animation Festival, which was held in France earlier in June.

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