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Kasi Bruno

Lost Generation?

Here’s a neat video that was created for the AARP u@50 video contest. The goal of the contest was to encourage inter-generational dialogue. Net Geners aged 18-30 were asked to submit a clip about what they expect their lives to be like at age 50. While the winning video is good, the second place video really captured my attention. It very simply, but very poignantly, illustrates the duality of the much debated Net Gen identity and the impact of such on the world.

Increasingly, Net Geners are viewed as a make or break generation, one that has the power and choice to reverse the many mistakes of previous cohorts, or to continue on with the many destructive habits. The second place clip is interesting insofar as it accurately articulates this pivotal moment in time: it speaks to the popular idea that we have reached an historical tipping point, leading many…

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Kasi Bruno

Net Gen Education Challenge Launched!

A crisis is emerging in our schools and universities.

Traditional, one-way broadcast models of education are out-dated. Schools have not evolved as quickly as other institutions, and students are becoming disengaged as a result. Why are connected students at home suddenly disconnected at school?

How can we reinvent education for relevance and effectiveness for the 21st century?

Inspired by the work of Don Tapscott and Grown Up Digital, the Net Gen Education Challenge offers everyone an outlet through which to express their ideas and opinions about their ideal model of education. The challenge community will connect engaged participants all around the world, bringing educators, students, parents and professionals together in a global dialogue on learning. In partnership with the CBC, Flat Classroom Project, the Discovery Channel’s Educator Network and

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