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Do We Really Need a Mom-in-Chief?

As a working mom of three little ones, Lenore Skenazy’s column entitled, “Do We Really Need a Mom-in-Chief?” on Michelle Obama really got me thinking. Before giving the topic further thought, I was blindly with the rest of America supporting Michell Obama’s parenting efforts. Now, I’m still strongly cheering for her and I’m not sure that Lenore has got it right. Mrs. Obama is doing her due dilligence checking out schools and scrutinizing her new town like any involved parent moving her family across the nation would do. AND, just because she’s doing this and doesn’t go by her maiden name doesn’t mean she is willing to give up her life’s work to become America’s quintessential stay at home mom. NOR do I believe she would support that perception of motherhood as the only ideal. Sounds to me like the focus is not on Michelle…

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