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Teen motorists not allowed to drive with friends?

Ontario’s proposed rules would prohibit drivers under 20yrs of age from driving with more than one other teen at a time. Here’s how one article describes it:
Ontario’s proposed legislation was praised by the provincial police, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Canadian Automobile Association and Tim Mulcahy, whose son and two young friends died in a crash this past summer after they had been drinking. The law would also see drivers between 16 and 19 would limited to having only one passenger 19 or under in the vehicle during their first year of driving. McGuinty conceded that could mean three 19-year-old adults could not go to a movie – or church – in the same car.
The reasoning behind the law includes studies which show that a teen driver that carries a teen passenger is twice as likely to get in an accident… a risk that increases as you increase the number of teen passengers. However the law is flawed. The first teen passenger is the greatest risk increase anyway (which the law permits). And who is to say that the most at-risk teen drivers aren’t the same ones who would flout a law like this anyway? Will a measure like this really save many lives? Also, what about designated drivers – a shame if you can’t legally do the right thing and drive a group of friends home that shouldn’t be behind the wheel. But the real show stopper is that this is age discrimination pure and simple. Yes, perhaps new drivers will always have higher rates of accident (and higher insurance), but lets not use that as an excuse to take away the freedoms that every other driver (even ones which have high insurance) enjoy. If we want to talk risk, lets open a separate conversation about older drivers… as baby boomers continue to age, perhaps in the next decade or two we’ll see a new set of risks from the opposite end of the spectrum.

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