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Net Gen Management — keep them in the loop

Here is an interesting discussion about managing the Net Gen which has more relevance in difficult times. The Net Gen are smart and are scrutinizers…they pretty much can figure out what is going on appreciate honesty. A sample from the article:

Often, managers have a misplaced assumption that by shielding the employees from ‘truth’ they are protecting them, but the fact of the matter is that hiding realities demotivates talent today by making them feel excluded.

This generation has grown up with on-demand information and communication. They are known for their sense of entitlement. They believe they can make a difference. All through school, they have been treated as ‘young adults’, leading “saying no to plastic” campaigns; making posters against pollution and doing their bit to save the environment.

Rather than living in a house of wax that is afraid of melting in the heat of reality, Generation Y wants to know the truth, no matter how harsh it maybe – so that they can do something to change it, make a contribution to the solution.

This creates a sense of ownership and the change that happens thereafter will be driven grounds up, which will ensure that the process is sustainable and not just a flash in the pan. It also gets back to a Wikinomics post that Dan Herman wrote – how will the Net Gen react to an economic downturn? Will workplace attitudes change? Will the younger members of the cohort be unable to be as educated as the older Net Gens as student loans become harder to get?

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