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How will Obama now use his Internet army?

Had an interview with Newsweek on one of the biggest challenges facing the Obama administration:  How to make best use of the millions of plugged-in supporters that worked for the Democratic contender during the election and were critical to his success.  I encourage you to read the whole story, and you will see on the second page a disagreement between’s Markos Moulitsas and myself: The trick for Obama will be to lead the Netroots movement rather than be led by it. Tapscott, the author of “Grown Up Digital,” thinks there’s a real risk of backlash if the kids who supported Obama feel their hero has let them down. “If he betrays this generation, the protests of the ’60s will look like a tea party,” Tapscott says. But Markos Moulitsas, captain of the liberal blog and an occasional NEWSWEEK contributor, doesn’t think Obama’s base would turn on him. “If they get disillusioned, they’ll probably just become apathetic again,” he says. “I couldn’t see disappointed supporters becoming enraged against him. “ What do you think?  Is this generation going to insist on being involved in the governing process, even if Obama doesn’t invite them to the table?


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