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Please submit your proposed corrections to the book here. If Don agrees, they will be incorporated in subsequent printing of the book.

The first corrections have been submitted by Don himself, below.

1. p. 144- Briony Cayley’s quote should read “Bishop Strachan.”

2. p. 322- “Gerasi” should read “Geraci.”

3. p.165 and Index- Effie “Seidberg” should read “Seiberg.”

4. pp. 55, 179-180- “Dana Boyd” should read “danah boyd.”

5. The Indian Net Gen Population Pyramid on p. 25, figure 1.10, is incorrect. The correct pyramid is shown below.

6.On page 3, the Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence (MAVAV) was quoted as saying that video games are the “world’s fastest growing addiction and the most reckless endangerment of children today — comparable to drug and alcohol abuse.” In fact, MAVAV is a hoax site created by a college design student to raise awareness of the misconceptions about video games.


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