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“Once again, Don Tapscott has captured a piece of the zeitgeist. Grown Up Digital demonstrates the world-changing power of the Net Generation and the way they are rethinking everything, from education to home life to citizen participation. If you want to understand their impact, read this book.”
Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

“A decade ago Don Tapscott recognized that the kids growing up online were different,
and that speaking digital as a first language was the key competitive skill of
our age. Now that generation has grown up and Tapscott has followed them into
the workplace and the world, where those skills are playing out in surprising ways.
This is a rich and data-packed atlas of that generation.”
- Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief, Wired

“To be sustainable, a knowledge economy needs highly educated, skilled workers.
More than manpower, we need workers with mindpower. The no. 1 challenge we
face as leaders in business, government, education, and the community is educating
and engaging our kids. Tapscott makes a well-reasoned, persuasive case for
how to harness the Net Gen. Every educator and manager should read this book.”
—Jim Goodnight, CEO, SAS

“No one knows the digital generation and its impact on society better than
Don Tapscott. Grown Up Digital is a fresh look at a global phenomenon that
has been brewing for over 15 years. As a demographer, marketer, and social
observer, Don brings the net generation to life and equips the reader with practical
advice on how to cope with a world gone digital.”
Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman & CEO, OgilvyOne Worldwide

“Only those who understand the new paradigms as described in the latest book
by Don Tapscott will not be displaced as individuals or businesses in the world
of tomorrow.”

—Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman,
World Economic Forum

“Don Tapscott is always relevant, always fresh. His new book, Grown Up Digital, adds depth and insight to an important issue impacting talent and leadership in the hyper-connected world of today, and tomorrow,”
—Kevin Kelly, CEO, Heidrick& Struggles

“Don Tapscott delivers insights. As usually is the case, these insights reflect the
world around us in ways we possibly should see but perhaps don’t. As a business
leader and as a father of young adults, I see Grown Up Digital as a collection of
insights that contain tremendous value to understanding how this generation
will impact the world and our future.”
—Michael McCain, CEO, Maple Leaf Foods

“Don Tapscott offers compelling insight into how the Net Generation is changing
the nature of work, culture, and government and what that means for anyone
who wants to engage them. Grown Up Digital is both a comprehensive
guide to understanding the world of Web 2.0 and to unleashing the power of
Talent 2.0.”

—Tammy Johns, SVP, Global Workforce Strategy, Manpower Inc.

“Understanding the expectations and motivations of the next generation is a
critical challenge for all businesses. Don Tapscott’s latest book is fascinating
and entertaining for parents and educators, but it is a must-read for business
leaders who have much to gain from understanding this important and different

—Gordon Nixon, President & CEO, RBC

“Don’s book is like the firm nudge with a cold steel pointer from a teacher who
catches you looking out the window. Tapscott explains that success is not about
the control and authority we grant ourselves to “empower people”—it’s all
about genuine understanding and creating an environment where people can
and will choose to motivate themselves.”

—Bill McEwan, President & CEO, Sobeys Inc.

“For anyone leading a talent-based organization, Grown Up Digital is an essential
read. The Net Generation is transforming the way we work, learn, play, and
communicate and redefining how organizations recruit, train, motivate, collaborate,
and innovate. A revolution in how we live and work is upon us. This generation
is the one to watch and learn from.”

—Bill Green, Chairman & CEO, Accenture

“Today’s workforce is no longer one size that fits all, which leaves employers
across all industries in a serious state of peril. Employers need to recognize and
adapt to the rapidly changing world of work, channeling the motivations that
different generations bring to their workforce. Don Tapscott has not only
grasped the subject, but he is uniquely positioned to offer real advice on how to
address these changes.”

—Jeffrey A. Joerres, Chairman & CEO, Manpower Inc.

“Don Tapscott nails it. Grown Up Digital provides a guided tour of how the pioneering
Net Generation is changing the way we all live, work, and play in a
global creative economy. A must-read.”

—Richard Florida, author, Who’s Your City? and The Rise of the Creative Class

“Don Tapscott delivers an insightful and practical book for anyone seeking to better understand, appreciate, and unlock the full potential of today’s youth. Backed by comprehensive research, Grown Up Digital debunks popular myths and reveals the norms and motivations of a generation poised to transform business, education, government, and society.”
-James Quigley, CEO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

“Don captures learnings and statistics about the Net Generation that are on target. Net Geners are coming into the world and workplace now. Moreover, as a parent, I read with recognition yet found it amazing that some of the things I’ve experienced were captured on a page. Don’s realizations in Grown Up Digital are highly relevant and must be brought to a broader audience.”
-Ann Purr, Second Vice President, Information Management, LOMA

“In Grown Up Digital, Tapscott tells us how the Net Generation is creating our future and why their opinions count. He uniquely shows how to harvest the big contributions this generation has to offer.”
-Fred Smith, President & CEO, FedEx

“No one has been a more informed commentator on the transformative impact of the digital age than Don Tapscott. Grown Up Digital reveals the impact that youthful empowered employees, customers, and citizens are having and will have on our daily lives. It is profound.”
-Brad Anderson, CEO, Best Buy Inc.

“In Grown Up Digital, Don Tapscott portrays eloquently and in rich color the massive impact that The Net Generation—those born between 1997and 1997, 80 million in the U.S. alone, will have on the future of society and the economy. He accomplishes this with his usual acumen, deftness, depth, and good humor.”
-Bill Dimma, former senior executive and director of 55 companies over 45 years

“Don Tapscott provides an exciting roadmap to surviving and thriving in the Connected Era.”
-Michael Dell, CEO, Dell

“Ignore the deep insights in Grown Up Digital and you risk becoming an irrelevant leader for next generation employees. Tapscott’s optimism for youth is infectious and inspirational.”
-Kal Patel, Executive Vice President, Emerging Business, Best Buy Inc.

“Grown Up Digital is the first guide to the land of the Net Generation that should be read both by visitors and residents alike. Tapscott’s latest work follows Growing Up Digital with lockstep obedience and shows all signs of being as prescient and relevant.”
-Nicholas Negroponte, Founder & Chairman, One Laptop Per Child

“Grown Up Digital is a brilliant and insightful perspective on the dawning of the ‘n-Gen’ era. This new era will be characterized by enterprises and organizations of all types shifting and adapting their structures, style, and business models to thrive on collaboration. In a sense, the enterprise itself must now grow up digital so it can successfully build the foundation for the next few decades of leaders and employees- the n-Gen’ers.”

- Steve Papermaster, CEO, nGenera

Grown Up Digital is a must read for baby boomers and virtually anyone else born before 1977. As Mr. Tapscott observes, ‘The bottom line is this: if you understand the Net Generation, you will understand the future.’ And as my son often reminds me, the future is now.”

- The New York Times

“A fascinating look at how young people are transforming our culture. The bottom Line: An insightful, data-rich analysis with broad implications for managers, marketers and politicians.”

- BusinessWeek

“The man who christened the ‘net generation’ in his 1997 bestseller, Growing Up Digital, has no time for such (cynical) view.  In the past two years, Don Tapscott has overseen a $4.5 million study of nearly 8,000 people in 12 countries born between 1978 and 1994.  In Grown Up Digital he uses the results to paint a portrait of this generation that is entertaining, optimistic and convincing.”

- The Economist

“The book is a thoughtful antithesis to entrenched and sometimes alarmist managerial opposition to internet-influenced behaviors. Read it next to the computer, scanning, flicking and annotating it as a valuable addition to the internet knowledge that is revolutionizing our world.”

- The Financial Times


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