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  The Dumbest Generation?  
There are plenty of concerns and criticisms of this generation that are voiced by everyone from parents to frustrated employers. Many academics, journalists and pundits present skeptical, negative, even cynical views of the Net Generation.

The top 10 issues are:

1. They’re dumber than we were at their age.

2. They’re screenagers, Net addicted and losing their social skills, and they have no time for sports or healthy activities.

3. They have no shame.

4. Because their parents have coddled them, they are adrift in the world and afraid to choose a path.

5. They steal. They violate intellectual property rights, download music, swap songs, and share anything they can on peer-to-peer networks with no respect for the rights of the creators or owners.

6. They’re bullying friends online.

7. They’re violent.

8. They have no work ethic and will be bad employees.

9. This is the latest narcissistic “me” generation.

10. They don’t give a damn. What do you think? Join the discussion at


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