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Grown Up Digital provides top notch SEO services in Bangalore that can convince Google algorithm to rank your website on top.

Why SEO with Grown Up Digital?
1. We commit realistic time frames to rank your website.
2. Use Advanced SEO strategies beyond basics.
3. We offer only quality, long-term and penalty proof SEO services.
4. Educate the client about practical SEO timelines and stages involved.
5. Understand client business and its audiences completely before starting SEO Services.
6. Our SEO methodologies can rank any website for any keyword, with any volume.

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How are we a different SEO Company in Bangalore than others?

  • 1. We don’t cheat

    At Grown Up Digital, we philosophize not to cheat clients by giving unrealistic timelines, low grade SEO strategies and cheap SEO packages. Being the best SEO Company in Bangalore, we make sure to analyze your business competition and quote realistic timelines and budget involved. Every client is important for us and we go by long-term business relationship. We have turned many of our SEO clients who got cheated by other so called top 10 SEO companies in Bangalore to satisfied customers.

  • 2. Staged SEO Promotion

    Our SEO Company in Bangalore aims to provide stages of SEO analysis to clients. We categorize the overall SEO and digital marketing into stages and achieve it. We give an approximation of traffic growth with timelines.

  • 3. Unending Keyword Suggestions

    Our keyword research will never stop. We keep suggesting new keywords and strategies to achieve ranking for those. With us, your traffic growth will be exponentially increasing.

  • 4. Content Suggestions

    Content is king in our SEO campaigns. We stage content by Sales funnels and make sure that every content piece will contribute to SEO lead conversion on your website.

  • 5. Unending On-Page Optimization

    Our On-Page optimization will never stop and keep going on. We leverage on-page optimization to improve SEO rankings and User experience. We keep suggesting improvements on the website to the client.

  • 6. Link Building Campaigns

    We communicate the practical difficulty and budget involved in building external backlinks. We don’t follow cheap link building tactics and black hat methods. We build 100% white hat backlinks so that Google will not penalize your website.

  • 7. Quality SEO not possible without budget

    We say this upfront, because quality SEO is not possible without budget. We give the practical and transparent budgeting involved in SEO campaigns. We make sure that you will get guaranteed long-term ROI for your investments.

  • 8. SEO is a Win-Win Game

    We have emerged as the Best SEO Company in Bangalore by making our clients Win. When there is a Win-Win situation, that turns to a long term business relationship and more business references for us.

  • 9. Continuous client touch

    Being in touch with client and understanding the wears and tears of client business is key in driving the SEO efforts. We communicate with client quite often to efficiently deliver SEO results.

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SEO Process we follow at our SEO Company in Bangalore:

  • 1. Understanding client business and its customers

    We believe this is the key thing to do before we jump on making the SEO Plan for your business. Make a robust strategy to attract the attention of prospects

  • 2. Competition analysis

    Understand what your competitors have done and why Google is ranking them. Implementing better SEO plans and strategies that can beat competition.

  • 3. SEO Strategy and Timeline

    This is the stage where we design customized SEO strategy that can work for your business after all analysis. SEO will not be the same for all businesses. Hence making a SEO plan with realistic timelines will be done in this stage.

  • 4. Keyword Research

    Perform an extended keyword analysis and provide you with all list of keywords that your prospects search on Google. A mutual discussion between us should result in selecting highly profitable and achievable keywords.

  • 5. Budgeting

    Give client a complete budgeting structure at every stage of the SEO campaign. We don't offer cheap SEO packages and services. Our budgeting will always be based on quality SEO trends and result giving.

  • 6. On-Page Optimization

    We believe there is no end for On-Page optimization in SEO. We keep doing it unlimitedly. It involves improving content, design, image and many other elements on your website.

  • 7. Off-Page Optimization

    This includes building quality backlinks from high authority websites. We don't do low quality link building as most of the SEO agencies do in Bangalore.

  • 8. Measurement and Reporting

    This is the most important for client and we ensure to send SEO reports every 15 days and educate clients how to measure ROI from SEO campaigns.

  • 9. Google analytics and Tracking

    We implement Google Analytics from day1 to enable you track real time organic SEO traffic growth and leads.

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How do you choose the right SEO Company in Bangalore when multiple websites are ranking on Google?

Don't blindly believe top ranking websites on Google. They may be ranking by cheap SEO tactics which will not work for your business.
  1. Check for if the SEO company’s website is ranking and ask for Google analytics traffic statistics. Ask from how long they are ranking on Google.
  2. Ask for SEO client’s references and talk with them. Ask for their traffic statistics.
  3. Don't believe the SEO companies in Bangalore that offer cheap SEO packages.
  4. Many of the SEO companies in Bangalore rank on top with cheap SEO tactics. Check the content on these websites and see how quality their content is and then decide.
  5. Ask for the timelines, budget and strategies they implemented for any of their successful SEO clients.

SEO Testimonials:

We have SEO clients for the past 5 years. They are with us because of our results to them. Below are some of the testimonials from our clients

Kamalesh and Abhishek know their stuff in SEO and they can do anything and everything in SEO. Glad that I found Grown Up Digital after getting cheated from 3 SEO companies in Bangalore.

Yashodar Founder: Zippy Bags
 Daryl Bush

These guys use advanced SEO strategies and educated me on this. They ranked my website in 5 months for the top competitive keyword in Solar niche for US target region.

Daryl Bush Founder: Ecotality
Santosh Nataraj

Highly recommend Grown Up Digital guy's. They are ranking my website for very high competitive keyword from 4 years.

Santosh Nataraj Marketing Head: Delopt

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