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We at Grown Up Digital, assess your immediate & long term marketing requirements and suggest tentative Digital marketing plan. We dig deep into your business to understand your customer’s desires and launch Digital marketing accordingly.

From past 7 years we have delivered variegated Digital marketing solutions based on the client requirement. Glance below the benefits you get once you are associated with us:

  • Get an instant enquiries for your business.
  • Reach only to your customers precisely.
  • Fast reach to 1000’s of your prospects in no time.
  • Greatly relieve from your other marketing burdens.
  • Boost your reputation and win new clients fast.

Go through our Digital Marketing Solutions and see if it matches to your business requirement. If not, we are just a call away to help you with customized solution.

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Reach Your Customers fast. Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore To Fetch You New Prospects.




Grown Up Digital is a full pledged Digital marketing company in Bangalore, India having specialization in driving online business leads and branding. For the past 7 years, many businesses have overcome their Digital marketing challenges with our expertise.


Why Bangalore? Why Us


Bangalore, is one of the top cities in India known for its rapid development. It is attracting people and businesses from all over the world. Many businesses from various streams such as Facility management, Real estate, Healthcare, Manufacturing.etc have laid their strong foundations in Bangalore. 

Bangalore has become an ideal place for investors to start a business. Business Competition is growing everyday with the number of new startups. So, having a strong online visibility over the competitors is very critical.


We at Grown Up Digital are adhere to help in your business goals with our customized Digital Marketing services. We are known as one of the top Digital marketing companies in Bangalore.

We have been helping businesses from different verticals, different sizes and have shown great success to our customers.


Reasons for choosing us in Bangalore

  • Experts in Digital Marketing strategies
  • Use industry updated tactics and SOP’s
  • Dedication to help clients.
  • Strong technical and analytical team 
  • Drive cost efficient and ROI oriented campaigns.


Our Integral Digital Marketing Portfolio

Of Bangalore clients


Below are few portfolios of our clients. We have portfolio specific to every business industry 



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Web Banners
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Social Media
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Gooogle ads
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Our Digital Marketing Services / Strategies
in Bangalore


We have brought the set of premium digital marketing services to help nurture your business sales and brand. Below are our set of services:



Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Advanced SEO services in Bangalore to rank your website on Google top and beat your competitors. We use updated white hat SEO techniques to rank your website.

Advanced Local Map Optimization

Advanced Local Map Optimization

Optimize your Local Business map for your business keywords. Get array of phone calls.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Boost your business branding through social media channels. Our experts at Grown Up Digital can show how we can drive branding for your business.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Outstanding creative Graphic Design services to make your brand appear unique and grab your customers attention.

Web Designing & Development

Web Designing & Development

Customized Web design to suit your business needs and attract customers. Solid Static & Dynamic website for better online presence

Instant Lead Generation

Instant Lead Generation

A combined PPC, Facebook & Display advertising that can deliver instant business leads. Start getting leads from day 1.

Our Social Media Marketing Services


When we talk about marketing in social networks we refer to all the activities and strategies that are carried out through social media platforms such as: facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, among others, in order to make your brand known to a target audiences.

The main focus of social media marketing is to build communities around your brand , and spread your message to be shared and viralized in order to amplify your reach.

Let's see below which are the social networks where we create your digital presence:


(i) Facebook

Facebook marketing BangaloreIt is the number one network in the world, and its options allow you to have a company page. In addition, its functions allow you to distribute and promote content. Being on Facebook is essential to increase the visibility of your brand.


(ii) Youtube

Youtube Marketing BangaloreIn the beginning it was not considered a social network, rather it was treated as a "Google of videos". However, its current features allow creators and people to interact. One of its advantages is that you can position your videos and receive visits over time.


(iii) Instagram

Social Media Marketing BangaloreInstagram belongs to Facebook and has grown rapidly compared to the others. It is a platform designed to generate impact with visual content. In it you can share fleeting moments and use hashtags to generate a great reach.


(iv) Linked In

LinkedIn MarketingA social network for professionals, aimed at the corporate world and business. It is a great option for networking and establishing business relationships. Highly recommended if you are an executive and looking for strategic alliances with other organizations. Or if your target audience is B2B (Business to Business), you can connect with decision makers.


(v) Twitter

Twitter MarketingThe means par excellence to spread news and updates. On Twitter the content is very short, but you can develop targeted strategies for customer service.


(vi) Snapchat

Snapchat Marketing BangaloreSnapchat is a mobile messaging application for smartphones. Considered a social network for sending and disseminating images and messages for a specified time. That is, the messages disappear.

Snapchat is a social network that has been very well received by the public. Therefore, at the company level it is an opportunity to offer exclusive content to users.

Types of Digital Marketing Services we offer in Bangalore


To get the most out of your digital marketing strategies,  you must know the different types of online marketing that exist. Below we will explain each one, classified according to its focus and purpose. Without further ado, we will talk about 5 types of digital marketing that cannot be missed to achieve your business objectives.


1. Content marketing

Content MarketingIt focuses on creating and disseminating valuable content for an audience and thus gaining authority and trust from them. Therefore, your goal with content marketing is to provide valuable information in the investigative process that people carry out before making a purchase.



2. Inbound Marketing

Inbound MarketingIt is a philosophy for marketing, some call it the evolution of  digital marketing . This methodology puts the customer at the center and is responsible for understanding the way in which consumers buy. Then strategies are implemented to attract and accompany them throughout their purchase process and turn them into clients and promoters of your company.



3. Relational marketing

Relational marketing

This type of marketing is intended to  create and strengthen a relationship with your customers . So, in addition to having a quality product or service, you have to provide an unforgettable experience to each client.




4. Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing

Focused on fostering conversations between the brand and the user to boost sales and deliver an effective message to customers. At the same time, it aims to automate communication to facilitate interaction.


5. Permission marketing

Permission Marketing

It is based on asking your prospect or client for permission to send information from the company. That way you are not intrusive and avoid SPAM. On the other hand, when a customer agrees to receive content, they show interest and are more likely to read it.


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