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10 Major Types of Digital Marketing That Will Help in Your Business Growth

Digital marketing is the marketing done by the medium of internet and electronic devices. As people are spending more time in front of electronics, this type of marketing is getting a lot of popularity. And now, it is used by almost every kind of business to attract the target audience towards their business and fulfil the goals.

Almost every business use digital marketing to achieve their business goals. But they usually get confused while choosing the right type of digital marketing for themselves. So in this article, we are going to talk about 10 major types of digital marketing that can help in taking your business to the top. Have a look and make the right choice:


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and it works on the theory of both SEO and PPC. It helps in generating traffic on the website by using Search engines and increase traffic. This can be paid and unpaid, depending on the method you choose. If done in the right way, you will be able to increase the organic traffic for your website. In this kind of digital marketing, keywords play a very important role. So always define the keywords and then start implementing them in your marketing strategy.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it works in increasing the rank of the business on Google, Bing and more such platforms. When done in the right way, it will help in increasing the page ranking on the business. When the business will start showing on the top, the audience will find it reliable and start visiting it. Here, the keywords play a very important role and it is implemented in the business website or platform with the help of content. This is counted as an on-going strategy and you need to invest time to achieve better results.


PPC stands for Pay per click and works as the advertising on the search engines. It’s the easiest way to take the business website on the top. Many businesses who bid on the same keyword. And if you pay the most, your ad will start displaying on the top. Once the person will click on it, you will be charged for the same. The cost of each ad will be defined as per the keyword you are choosing. Also, your website type will play a very important role in it. This is counted as a short solution, as once your budget will get over, your ad will stop showing on the top.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is a process of selling a product or service on the social media platform. As people are quite active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you will be able to grow potentially by choosing social media marketing. Also, it is very easy to find potential customers using this type of digital marketing and increase visual business. With the help of the right campaigns and ads, you will be able to achieve your marketing goal. Simply select the right demographics and you are good to earn profit creatively.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing involves enriching and valuable content to attract the audience. Most of the businesses use content like blogs, articles, infographics, videos, etc., to build an entertaining and informative relationship with the target audience. And this is what you need to achieve the goal. When you will be able to build a trustworthy relationship with the audience, you will be able to have a loyal consumer base. So it’s not wrong to say that content is all about listening to customer needs and create some amazing content for them. A right content marketing will indirectly help in proper SEO.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is marketing done through emails. Here, the information, images, offers and blogs are directly emailed to the target audience so that they can understand your brand or business closely. Also, you have permission to make your own type of email and send them to 100s of people. There are many tools and agencies that help in designing the best quality emails and send them further. It’s just, you have to provide them with the best quality target audience data base.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the most opted marketing form on social media and here the influencers and some well-known people are involved. People are easily able to connect with the famous personality and start taking the product as trustworthy. This type of digital marketing may cost you a lot as every famous personality has their fee, but when the marketing is done in the right way, it will help you earn a lot. Affiliate marketing is a short-term campaign and after that, you have to search for the new medium of marketing your business.

Viral Marketing:

Viral Marketing is counted as a smart form of marketing as it involves the famous content creators, influencers, and other famous personalities that help your business or services go viral. These are mostly based on trends and fun elements. The viral content are then spread on the social media platforms and they easily got viral. You can use this marketing option in the case of B2C business. Just make sure not to do something very out of the box as the content should resemble with your business.

Radio Advertising:

As the name suggests, the radio advertising helps in spreading the information through radio. It is now counted as digital marketing as many people will be able to listen to your business. You can target the radio for different locations and create the ad while targeting a specific age group, gender base or more. When you are choosing radio advertising, make sure that your ad can connect with the target audience as it is the only way to get results.

Mobile Advertising:

Mobile Advertising is another type of digital marketing that involves mobile search ads, mobile social ads, and more. Here, the message is transferred through mobile messages or ads. Almost all the big business follow this way of advertising as it is the direct way to connect with the audience. Because everyone owns a mobile phone, investing time on mobile advertising can help to a huge extent. Here, defining the target audience and working according to their understanding will help a lot. The direct messages will help you get better results as you get less space to play on.

Bottom Line:

For business growth, it becomes quite important to adopt the right types of digital marketing. It will help in connecting with the audience and achieve business growth. As every business is different, they will require a different type of digital marketing. So be a smart business owner and define everything accordingly.

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