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5 SEO tips to Improve Your Ranking

Improving the positioning of your web project is essential to stay competitive . And that is why it is normal to look for SEO techniques that help you get as close as possible to number one in searches.

Although not all tips work, and that is why we have selected the 5 most relevant SEO tips when optimizing your website. Get ready to put them into practice if you want to improve your search engine ranking.

1- Put the keywords in the right places

As we have already commented on other occasions, keywords are essential to improve SEO. But it is not enough just to know it, or to know the most relevant keywords for your project.

It is as important where you place the keywords as how many times you do it. In fact, there are some sites where it is essential that they appear , such as the title tag, the page URL and the first 100 words of the content, better if it is in the first paragraph. Also it is important to do right keyword research and select the appropriate keywords.

2- Delete the “zombie” pages

The “zombie” pages are pages of your website that do not interest and hardly generate traffic . Search engines, with Google in the lead, prefer to index sites with powerful and good quality content. Therefore, instead of dedicating yourself to publishing as if there were no tomorrow, it is much better to carefully select interesting content , and eliminate everything you see that does not have an acceptable volume of visits.

3- Know your niche

The best way to obtain quality links is to know very well the niche in which you move , and become a reference. Thus, instead of going behind the links to create a link building strategy, others will refer directly to your content. With this you can improve your ranking naturally.

Of course, it is not enough to say that you know your niche, but you have to prove it. For example, you can publish a report on the state of your sector , providing data and information of interest. You may think that your audience is not interested, but there is a group that will be willing to share it, a quite relevant group: the press .

If you get a natural link from a newspaper, you will be telling Google that your content is worth indexing. And with this you will increase the chances of appearing at the top of the searches.

4- Publish text with visual content

In the list of SEO tips you can not miss the use of visual content, such as images, infographics or videos .

But this type of content has a problem: search engines do not understand it , and for this reason it is essential that together with the visual content you add quality text. So you can help robots understand what it is, and you can climb positions.

5- Renew old pages

If you have been in this for a long time, surely you have accumulated a large number of publications , which have gradually been left behind, although the content is good.

The last of today’s SEO tips is that you take advantage to review all that content and make an update. A new title and description, along with some links and better organization of content may be enough to rank that content better.

Get the help of an SEO Agency if you are not able to pace up with the changes happening in the SEO industry.

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