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The 3 benefits of Link building

The  link building  is a link strategy that can be really beneficial for your business.

This  SEO technique  consists of creating links to a website to improve positioning and, obviously, to be in the first places of the search.

This is why companies should do link building for their website, but for this they must be clever and in this way, not let Google suspect something that is not done manually.

By doing link building in the most natural way possible, you are almost ensuring that your company is successful in terms of SEO on its website.

So to enjoy the benefits of link building, there are some parameters that must be followed such as the following:

  • Diversity: it should be tried that not all the links come from the same domain. There should be a practice of diversity in terms of the websites that you link to your company site.
  • Quality: it is preferable to have few links, but they are really worth it. Google will detect if your website links to sites that are poor in terms of content.
  • Quantity: in this case, the more links you have, the better for your company’s site. But remember that their quality should be your priority when it comes to link building.

How and with whom to create links with link building?

However, there is always a latent question when a company asks itself how to link building and that is: how and with whom to create these links.

Some of our recommendations, before commenting on the benefits of this technique, are the following:

  • You can use tools like Slideshare to  share quality and useful content  while you link to your website, as well  as make a post  to promote your website on social networks
  • Make  links with bloggers or companies  that have something to do or run  with complementary activities to what you offer  so that they give you permission to make an article by linking to their site.
  • Establish  contact with specialized magazines in your sector  and ask them for permission to write something about their business. The idea is that in what you write, you place the link to your site.
  • Try to leave your  comments on blogs and forums  that are related to your industry sector.
  • Make  complete infographics with accurate information  in which you include the link to your website.
  • Create a  YouTube channel  for your company in which you make audiovisual material with valuable information. The best thing is that these videos have a link to your website.
  • Detect those  influencers who can leave a good review  of your company while promoting your website.

And since you know how you can achieve optimal link building, let’s move on to the benefits of using this strategy for your company:

What will you get with link building?

1) Better positioning for your company

When a friend recommends a brand because he thinks it is excellent and that he also did very well with it, you will believe him because it is the power of the opinion of someone you know and, perhaps, you will buy something from that same brand because of this recommendation.

The same happens with  link building . If a person is assiduous to read a blog because its subject is good and it seems that its content is useful and of quality, it is most likely that he will trust the recommendations that this blog gives.

So when working on obtaining external links, one brand is recommending another, which improves the credibility of users in it.

Therefore, having other websites link to yours is very beneficial as it places your brand in the position of an expert in the sector and users will begin to identify you faster.

This is a unique opportunity that your company cannot miss to start making itself known.

2) Better ranking in search engines

Google thinks that it is favorable for other websites to link to your company, as this makes them understand that your content is so great that other sites recommend you and make their users go to what your company offers.

Therefore,  link building is beneficial for you to increase your position in search engines  in a faster and more efficient way.

In addition to other SEO elements, such as using the keyword in the URL, ALT attributes and  metadescription , your company can be the sensation among Internet users.

3) More traffic to the company website

By having a  better ranking of your website  and even your name as a brand, the traffic to your site will improve considerably.

Although this does not necessarily translate into more leads or more sales, at least the possibility of it happening will increase.

The income for the companies, obviously, is very necessary and favorable, and when increasing the traffic to the company’s website, the possibilities of selling and increasing the income are more real.

In conclusion, link building requires a lot of time, dedication and effort, but it is worth it for your company to achieve an online presence strong enough to increase your prospects.

Although there are other tools such as social networks and knowing  how to gain followers on Twitter  and other platforms, YouTube channels or a good email marketing strategy help to increase the recognition of your brand on the Internet, strategies such as link building enhance your SEO so much that they do not there will be going back.

Finally,  we want to remind you that although  Google measures the amount of these links that you will include in your external links strategy , it also measures their quality. 

Before starting to do it, you must have a well-defined strategy, because otherwise you will end up having toxic links that instead of benefiting your company, they will harm it. 

So, for the sake of your company, make sure you have 100% quality backlinks.

Therefore, if you did not know, take into account that Google takes external links as one of the most fundamental factors when positioning a website. 

This rating has been called PageRank or PR; it gives each site a rating from 0 to 10. 

These numbers indicate the relevance and authority of a website, and therefore, the more inbound links your company’s website has added to a sloping PageRank, the better your own PR will be. 

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