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7 Best SEO Softwares That will Actually Help You in 2020

SEO optimization is the difficult thing to achieve on your own, and that’s where SEO software can help you the most. It is a combination of different tools that every professional or individual requires for improving the rank of a website and increasing traffic.

But out of hundreds of SEO software, it becomes quite important to choose the best according to your needs. Many of the SEO Companies in Bangalore like Grown up Digital have come out with 6 major SEO Software from where you can choose the most suitable one and promote it in SEO improvement.

  1. iBusinessPromoter:

If you are looking for simple SEO software to boost your ranking, then iBusinessPromoter can be the best option for you. It focuses on high rates and reviews and eventually leads to increasing the website’s traffic. This software was found in 1997 and since then it is helping in the business growth. You can rely on it without thinking twice.

Many website owners believe that this SEO software is trustworthy because of its amazing monthly deals that almost anyone can afford. It also offers some best features that will help in your business growth and get satisfactory results.


  • It helps you to track the rank and choose the best keywords for improvement.
  • It offers powerful tools for keyword research, link building, website submission, optimization of web pages, and many more.
  • It helps you create white-label reports for customers and clients.
  • It helps in backlink analysis.

2. SEMrush SEO Software:

SEMrush is also ruling the SEO software list with over 3 million professional users across the world. It is a 

few years old and still able to gain a lot of popularity because of its amazing features in its affordable 

monthly plans. Although you might not get enough options in the cheaper version, you can still rely on it.

This SEO Software allows you to pay for the tool’s reputation, which makes things sorted. And when you 

are looking for a reliable software with best tools and SEO optimization features, this tool can be your 

best pick. Just make sure to read about all its plans before making a choice.


  • It allows you to research the best Keywords.
  • It helps in comparing your website with the competitor’s website.
  • It will help in Backlink analysis.
  • If you are running any Ad Campaign, this software will help you to easily analyse it.
  • You will be able to audit the SEO using SEMrush.

3. Traffic Travis:

If you are a beginner, Traffic Travis will be the best SEO Software for you. It makes SEO navigation easier 

for the user. You will be offered all the important metrics that you will be able to use for only one website 

at the time. The site owners can also easily use it because of its user-friendly nature.

The standard version of Traffic Travis is absolutely free and the Pro plan is also very affordable. You will 

be easily able to take actions using this SEO Software.


  • It will allow you to take the keyword information directly from Search Engine.
  • It helps in backlink analysis.
  • It helps in keyword research.
  • It supports different Search Engines and helps in easily comparing.
  • It helps in generating reports in PDF and CSV forms.

4. Advanced Web Ranking:

Advanced Web Ranking is another SEO software that is preferred by more than 21.000 brands. It was founded in 2002 and counted as one of the most user-friendly software. It doesn’t charge more for extra features and allows you to create unlimited campaigns.

This SEO software offers a 30-day free trial and after that, you can choose from their affordable plans. And the best part is that there is no need to install it on your desktop and you can use it online.


  • It allows you to research for appropriate keywords.
  • It gives the option of link exchanging with users or partners.
  • It helps in competitor comparison.
  • It allows for easy campaign analysis.
  • It will help you to generate white-label reports and share it with clients.
  • It supports many languages, which makes it user-friendly.

5. WebCEO:

WebCEO is another oldest SEO software that has over 5 lacs users across the world. It offers over 17 useful SEO tools that you will require to improve the website ranking. It will also offer many B2B solutions in the affordable monthly plan. You can even use its free version with fewer features but amazing usability.

WebCEO helps you to generate SEO reports and share them with clients. It can be the best option in this 

budget. Still, you can compare it with other SEO software with the same package.


  • It promotes easy keyword research.
  • It helps in inbound and outbound link building.
  • It allows the landing page analysis and backlink analysis.
  • It will promote easy competitor analysis.

6. Moz Pro:

Moz Pro is the upgraded version of Moz Rank and offers you with a complete SEO toolset. It is easy to use and that’s why both professionals and individuals can prefer it. This SEO software helps in analysing almost everything including the blog’s reach and link building. If you are an SEO beginner, you can easily trust this software.

Moz Pro plans start from $99 per month, so the price can be an issue for you.


  • It offers amazing backlink and On-page analysing tools.
  • A keyword analysis is very easy using this software.
  • Amazing Technical SEO Capabilities
  • It offers the Site audit and SERP ranking tracking options.
  • It helps in increasing the Local ranking and comparing the website with competitors.
  • You can also import data using this software.

7. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is the most powerful SEO tool available in the market. There is no such tool that can be compared with the tools listed above. It deserves the number one spot in crawling the backlinks after Google Search Engine. SEO’s life is not possible without  Ahrefs. If one has to make a powerful SEO strategy then Ahrefs is a must tool.  It is the life and soul of SEO experts. While it is an expensive tool, yet SEO pro’s opt for it because of its powerful capabilities. Moz Pro plans start from $250 per month, so the price can be an issue for you.


  • Powerful Backlink crawling.
  • Batch analysis of the 200 domains in one shot. 
  • Keyword Explorer is another powerful feature within Ahrefs.
  • “Best By Links” shows the backlink distribution split of domain.
  • Anchor text map to analyze the anchors for any site.

Bottom Line:

The SEO software is helpful for every kind of website of the business and you can use them in 2020. You just need to find out the best for your business. To be sure, you can avail the free trials and decide whether the software is for your business or not.

Other than the SEO software mentioned in this article, there are some others that can be equally beneficial for you. Some of them are, SEOPressor Connect, Netpeak Spider, Ahrefs, SEO Administrator, and more. You can set a budget and goal and choose the best for your business. If you want to hire an SEO company for business growth, Grown up Digital can be the best for you. To know more about SEO services we offer, simply contact us.

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