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Domain Authority vs Page Authority: which is more important?

Authority is an SEO concept that measures the popularity of a website, based on specific metrics that Google considers important to improve the positioning of your page. There are different types and ways to measure that Authority.

Two of the most popular concepts to measure the level of Authority are Domain Authority and Page Authorization. But what are they and how are they different?

Let’s start by clarifying concepts.

What is Domain Authority (DA) ?

It is an indicator, developed by SEOMoz , that measures the authority, quality and credibility of the content of a website. Ratings range from 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest.

It is a metric that helps improve the search engine positioning of our page. Having a high Domain Authority means gaining visibility for your website and increasing positions in Google.

How can we improve the Domain Authority?

  • Get an optimized website with responsive design and good usability.
  • Develop a content Marketing strategy.
  • Create a personal brand. Write interesting and original content.
  • Develop a good Linkbuilding strategy to get quality links.
  • Delete bad links to your site that could harm you.
  • Create a social media calendar with posts of your website content.
  • Don’t forget to install social media buttons on your website so that your content can be shared more easily.
  • Avoid broken links and 404 errors.

What is Page Authority?

Also known as PA, it is another indicator, developed by SEOMoz, that measures the authority, quality and credibility of the pages of a website, regardless of their domain.

What do we do to improve the Page Authority?

  • Create interesting and original content for your audience.
  • Write on the page following the SEO parameters.
  • Includes external links to relevant pages.
  • Includes internal links.
  • Delete the links to your site that do not interest you.

How can we measure our Domain Authority and Page Authority?

The tool developed by MOZ Open Site Explorer allows you to know the DA and the page authority for free by inserting the URL of the website you want to measure. In addition, it allows you to see the links to your website.

You can also install the SEO Toolbar extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.

So which is more important? Domain Authority vs Page Authority

If we compare the definitions previously exposed, we realize that they are very similar. As you can see, both follow similar strategies when it comes to improving authority.

The main difference is that the Domain Authority focuses on the domain, that is, the entire website, while the Page Authority only indicates the relevance of a single page, regardless of the domain to which it belongs.

In general, it is considered more important to have a good Domain Authority as it is the overall whole of the company. But to be able to decide this question, we should look at the objectives that we want to achieve.

If our goal is to build a brand image, we have to focus on the Domain Authority, while if we are found thanks to specific content, we would have to focus on the page authority.

One is not more important than the other. The two must be in tune to achieve a good organic positioning of your page.  

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