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How long does SEO take to give results?

It happens that, sometimes, some client that another throws us the million dollar question: “And this SEO, how long does it take to take effect?”  And of course, well … how do we respond to this exactly?

Let’s see:  SEO is a long-term strategy and seeing results takes time. It is a job that requires great perseverance and that never ends. But the good news is, those results are there to stay.

But how long will SEO take to get results?

The  objective of SEO is to attract qualified traffic to our website  to be able to sell, inform or carry out the objective of our website. As we already told you in our post ‘SEO is not free and it cannot be’,  the SEO positioning of a company’s website involves work that includes actions in different areas. And before starting any tactical plan, it is necessary to have a preliminary investigation stage to work with the company in:

  • Understand the business of the company that we want to position, what markets and objectives it pursues, who is its “ buyer persona ” (potential client), the purchase cycle (customer journey) of its products or services, and what are the strengths of the products or services offered and the barriers to purchasing them. With all this knowledge, a study of keywords and long-tail keywords  should be done Taking into account the intentionality and phase of the users’ purchase itinerary.
  • Work on the On Page positioning of the web to ensure that it has adequate navigation, that it is correctly indexed by search engines, that the content structure follows a logical hierarchy of text labels (H1, H2, H3 …), that the web It is optimized to give an adequate speed of use that leads to a good user experience, in short, review all the technical aspects of the website that can help us optimize it.
  • Work on the development and distribution of original and quality content that attracts traffic at each stage of the customer journey, with specific content according to what we seek to attract, the consideration of our products or services and where we support the purchase decision. This content will have to be created looking for a contribution of value to the user, so that the traffic is attracted. Good content implies having good copies that really create content that you like and “hook”. It is also important to have good designers who take that content and present it in an attractive and visual way.
  • Cultivate quality inbound links that provide authority to our website. Monitor incoming links that may damage our reputation to eliminate them as soon as possible and not incur penalties.
  • Analyze, in each tactic you have to define a measurement of it, to monitor it and check if it works or not and thus be able to implement corrective actions or enhancement of what works well.

That said, the time it takes to achieve results is not the same for everyone.   Yeah, yeah, we know it’s not the answer you want to hear, but it is. And we have already said it, but we will not stop insisting on it: it is a long-term strategy and must be carried out without seeking immediate rewards. In fact, you have to be very wary of anyone who guarantees quick results.

And is it worth developing an seo strategy then?

  1. Sure. Because a good positioning is your best opportunity for the recognition of your company, your products, your services.
  2. Yeah man, because they all do it. And this is not typical of, -ah, of course, so if all your friends jump down a cliff, you jump too? -. No, no, it’s just the opposite: it’s that the only way, not to imitate, but to beat your competition, is to do better SEO than yours.
  3. Of course: what better way has your client to feel as if they have known you for a lifetime than by accessing content that calls them, that speaks to them, that tells them what they want to hear?
  4. Mais, well south. Because, in addition, it also influences the purchase decision, not to mention that it can help improve your reputation. Although that also depends on what we tell you here.
  5. But why do you keep reading? You should already be clear about it. Yes, yes and yes. Because, in addition, your client is looking for you, and if he does not find you, he will go with another. As simple as that.

Well, if you liked what we had to tell you, we now tell you that at Grown Up Digital, we create  personalized web positioning strategies (SEO)  for each company. Because hey,  who are we to stop you from selling everything, everything, everything?

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