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How to learn SEO? 6 Steps that makes you a SEO Expert

SEO has become quite important for any website. And that’s why everyone should learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Now the question comes how to learn and improve SEO? So Grown Up Digital has come with a 6-Steps Guide to learn SEO and achieve your goals. But for that, you should know about points that play a major role in SEO. Have a Look!

  • Time: SEO takes time, so you have to stay patient.
  • Information overload: Pay attention to information with keywords.
  • SEO choice: White Hat SEO gets more preference than Black Hat SEO.

We have prepared our guide while keeping all these points in mind so that you get the relevant information. Keep reading further for Simple 6 steps to learn SEO!

  1. Define your Goal:

SEO without a goal is a total waste. So before moving forward and making an SEO strategy, make sure to set your goals. Everyone has their own goals- Some might do SEO to increase sales while some just want to generate website traffic. Take help of a Top SEO Company in Bangalore to help in defining your goal. Even two people with similar business can have different goals. So don’t just depend on your competitor and define your own goal.

All the Search Engines crawls on the internet to find the relevant website. When they find something relevant, they move it on the top. So when someone will search for anything related to your business, they will show your website. That’s where SEO is important to make your website search worthy. And you can’t do it without defining a goal.

2. Keyword Research: 

Without Keywords, SEO is nothing. It is the set of words that people are searching on the internet. There are many keywords that are relevant to your business. And it becomes your duty to add the keywords with most searchability on your website. When Search Engine will find the most relevant keywords on your website, it will eventually improve its ranking.

There are two types of keywords- short-tail and long tail. Short tail keywords include one to two words and long term keywords include three or more words. As long term keywords are more descriptive, Search Engines pay more attention to that. So use the relevant keyword researching tool to find the best keywords.

Note: Keywords are important for SEO, but you start overstuffing them, it becomes a part of Black Hat SEO. So use the relevant keywords in a genuine manner.

3. Understand different between two major types of SEO:

Whenever the question “How to learn SEO?” comes to your mind, make sure to understand SEO properly. And that’s why it becomes even more important to know about different types of SEO. So here are two major types- On-Page and Off-Page. Each of them works in different ways.

On-page SEO focus on the on-page activities i.e. Website. It includes everything like formatting, keywords, navigation, Sitemap, URLs, descriptions, images, image description and alt text. Whereas, Off-Page SEO focus on activities done on other websites and Search Engine. It includes backlinks, Social media marketing, and more that will contribute to improving ranking. Both have their speciality, so you should choose the best for you.

4. Learn how to improve UX:

UX stands for user experience and it plays a major role in SEO. Even if you can attract people on your website, it becomes quite important to ask them to stay. And that’s why you should offer them everything they like. After all, Users are the most important factor.

Focus on the design, functionality, and content of the website. If we talk about Search Engines, they judge the User behaviour as per the time they spend on the website. And that’s why it becomes even more important to analyse a user’s satisfaction and preference level and then design a website.

Percentage of clicks your website is getting is another factor to judge user experience. Technically we call it an organic click-through rate. You can also compare this rate by making the relevant changes in your website.

Make sure to remove all the bounce back errors and work on your website’s loading speed. By making the relevant changes, you will contribute to SEO performance. Grown Up Digital will suggest you add the query and commenting section to known what your audience are looking for. So never forget this important step when finding an answer for “How to learn SEO?”

Content Creation is the key:

Content is very important for SEO as it gives the chance to the business owner to add relevant keywords and offer some amazing information to the audience. You can use content in different ways like blogs, articles, videos, images, news releases, and more. If you can generate something that your audience wants, it will be able to help you get more traffic. Add relevant links to it so that your audience will be able to reach on another website page in the best way.

Focus on the length of the content. The longer contents get more attention than short content. However, it totally depends on the platform. At last, decide where you want to publish your content, on your website or other websites. When you will be able to offer something fresh and original, nothing will stop you from getting good website traffic.

6. Link Building:

When you are done with content, move forward and start building links. And when you are willing to do it on other websites and platforms, these will help you build a trustful relation with the target audience and Search Engine. But make sure to have questionable links to get better results.

White-Hat link building is the best method in this case. It is reliable and helps in getting authorities. In this simple manner, you will be able to spread brand awareness and build some natural links. So either does it through comments or blogs, it will always be helpful.

Another simple and genuine way of link building is Social Media. You can post about your brand and increase engagement. So read, share and talk about your website build links in most creative ways.


Like anything else, SEO is worth learning. The SEO and Search Engine trends and algorithm keeps itself updating and that’s why it’s important to stay updated. We hope you found the answer to “How to Learn SEO?”. To learn more about SEO or to avail SEO services, visit Grown Up Digital.

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