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The SEO decriminalization service aimed at verifying and penalizing Google's penalties (mainly Panda and Penguin) is undoubtedly the most complex of SEO services.

It is increasingly common for users to contact me asking:

Hi, I'm going crazy to understand what happened to my website, from one day to the next it went from thousands of visits to a few hundred. I have been working on this site for years and now everything seems to be frustrated. What are the reasons for the penalty ? What can I do to get out of the Google penalty ?

My answer is always the same: you have to understand the causes of the loss of traffic.

Although it is rather simple to find out and verify the reasons for a penalty , it is always difficult to rehabilitate a penalized site and put it back on track.

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Site penalized by Google. What to do?

Let's proceed step by step and learn about penalties and its effects.

Which sites are penalized by Google?

First of all it is important to clarify which sites are penalized :

  • Sites that use spam and black hat techniques;
  • Sites that purchase links;
  • Sites selling links;
  • Sites with low-value content;
  • Hacked sites.

Over the past year, these types of sites have been virtually wiped out by Google's snakes, first from Panda upgrades and then from Penguin upgrades.

What are the effects of penalties?

Secondly, it is important to understand the effects of penalties :

  1. typically it is the loss of positions in the serp for one or more keywords for which it was previously positioned;
  2. in serious cases the complete exclusion of our site from the Google results. In this case the site has been banned.

How many types of penalties are there?

It is necessary to know that there are 2 types of penalties :

  1. Algorithmic : they are caused by Google's algorithms (mainly Penguin and Panda);
  2. Manuals : are provoked by the Google antispam team, usually due to reports from users.

What is the SEO Specialist's job?

The SEO consultant during the verification of a penalty must:

  1. identify the type of penalty that the site is subject to;
  2. in the case of an algorithmic penalty, check which algorithm is the cause;
  3. select the most suitable tools to solve problems;
  4. choose the most complete and fastest strategy to exit the penalty.

Understanding the type of penalty is quite simple, as:

  1. in case of manual penalty, it will most likely be notified in the "Manual Actions" section of Google Search Console;
  2. if the penalty is algorithmic, it will be necessary to compare the various outputs of new algorithms or upgrades of pre-existing algorithms, with the period in which there are drops in organic visits to the penalized site.

Selecting the tools to identify problems and choosing the right strategy is much more complex and this is where you can see the difference between a professional and an amateur.

What tools do I use to get out of a Google penalty

For what concerns the tools to discover, identify and verify the penalties of Google and the problems that cause them:

  • I analyze the log files of the web server¬†
  • I analyze Google Search Console data and notifications
  • I analyze data from Google Analytics and Barracuda Digital's Penguin Tool
  • I analyze Google Trends data and the like to monitor search trends
  • I use link intelligence tools like Majestic SEO and Ahrefs
  • I use text browsers such as Lynx to view the website pages to be decriminalized.

These tools and the analysis of their data provide me with a complete picture of the situation and allow me to establish in 100% of cases the type and reasons for the penalties, providing me with solid foundations on which to plan the strategies of decriminalization SEO to get out of the penalties of Google.

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