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SEO for Catering company websites

Making your catering company’s website easier to find in Google is no different than search engine optimization (SEO) for other websites, right? Of course, the general guidelines for making websites easier to find also apply to your catering company website. Yet there are a number of specific parts with which you can take the findability of your catering company website in Google to a higher level. Read how to do that in this article!

What is catering company SEO?

Search engine optimization , or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for short, is the process to make your website easier to find in search engines. You do this by adapting the pages on your website to the search behavior of the user, and SEO for catering company’s is no different. Nevertheless, catrering companies have a number of specific characteristics that you should take into account when making your catering company easier to find. When making their decision, users look at the following elements:

  • Location of the catrering company in relation to their own location;
  • Type of food (North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, etc.);
  • The atmosphere of the catering company;
  • What does the food look like;
  • What are the experiences of its customers.

It is therefore important that you inform both search engines and users about this well.

Determine your keyword strategy

Before you get started with your website, it is important that you determine your strategy. “Who is my target group and in which area am I going to focus” are important questions to start with. If you have a catering services in Bangalore, visitors looking for a caterers in Bangalore are probably not interesting. Once you have this clear in mind, it is time to dive into Google’s keyword planner, or one of the (free) alternatives, and determine the keywords you are going to focus on.

Branded search terms

Regular guests are familiar with your brand name, so it is important that you are easy to find on it. Research what other terms are being searched for in combination with your brand name, think of words such as opening hours, reviews, prices, etc. Use the Google keyword planner for this, but also look at the suggestions that Google gives when you search for your catering company. To help your users properly, it is important that you properly reflect these topics on your website.

Broad non-branded search terms

These are the broad search terms that are often searched for. If you have a catering company in Bangalore, think of terms such as “catering services in Bangalore”. If you are easy to find on such search terms, you can reach many potential guests who are not yet familiar with your catering company. You will compete on these search terms with all catering company in your area, so do not expect that you will be right at the top after optimizing your website.

Optimize your website

After you have followed the general guidelines for making your website easier to find, there are a number of things you can use to optimize your catering company website.

Post your catering company’s menu on your website

Potential guests often want to check out the menu. So place it on your website and make it easy to find by including it in the menu and referring to it on your homepage. In addition, make sure that you show your entire menu, in text, on one page. If you only offer your menu in PDF, search engines will be less able to read it. In addition, PDF files are not always pleasant to read on smartphones.

Post photos of your catering company on your website

The appearance and atmosphere of a catering company are an important part of the user’s selection process. Therefore, place beautiful photos on your website that convey the atmosphere of your catering company well. Think of photos of the building, interior, staff, guests and the food. Make sure you give your photos a relevant file name and alt text. This way your images can also be found in Google Images.

Fast mobile-friendly website

A large part of the users will use their smartphone to search for a catering company. It is therefore essential that your website functions properly on mobile phones. Test this yourself first by carefully examining all pages and parts. You can then use Google’s mobile-friendly test to see if something is not working properly.

It is also important that your website loads quickly. That one second of extra loading time can cause impatient users, but also users with an outdated device or slow internet connection, to leave your website.

Make reservations easy

Most importantly, it is easy for users to make a reservation and it is clear how to do it. So show prominently how guests can book, for example with a large button in the menu.

Users increasingly expect it to be possible to make a reservation online. So respond to this need and consider using an online reservation system. It is of course important that it works well, communicates well with your internal systems and that it is clear to users what they have to do.

Local SEO

With local SEO you improve the findability of your website on local search terms, these are search terms that are specifically aimed at a location. Although the city name, neighborhood or region is not in every search, when it comes to catering companys, Google often shows catering company’s near your location. So it must be very clear to Google where you are. The following components help with this:

Include the address details of your catering company

Google not only needs address details, but of course the visitors to your website too. Please state your address details clearly on your homepage, contact page and in the footer of your website. Don’t forget to mention your opening hours and keep them up-to-date!

Process local search terms on your website

Is your catering companylocated in Bangalore? Then let this come out prominently in titles, headings and text. This way there can be no misunderstanding for Google and your visitors about where you are.

Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s platform to create a business listing for your catering company. If there is no page for your catering company yet, create one by logging into Google My Business . Fill in the details as much as possible and make sure everything is correct, from opening hours to the name of your catering company. If this is not consistent with the information on your website, it will affect the findability of your catering company! In addition, post beautiful photos of the exterior of your catering company, the interior, staff, pleasant guests and of course the food.

Check entries

Search for the name of your catering company in Google and see what you find. Is your catering company already mentioned? If this is the case, make sure that all information is correct and consistent with what is on your website. Google checks whether the information (especially address and contact details) they find on your website is correct by checking whether it is consistent with what is on other websites. At all times, Google wants to prevent them from sending users to a catering company that is closed. catering company’s whose information is correct and consistent with other websites are therefore more likely to have high rankings in Google.

Register catering company on registers

In addition to the above, it is smart to register your catering company on catering company overviews and online registers. Your users are not only on Google, but also on Facebook, The Fork (formerly IENS) and similar sites. Being here helps with reaching new users, but also helps with visibility in Google.

Be active in your environment

Being active in your environment not only contributes to your brand awareness, it also increases the confidence that Google has in your website. For example, participate in local events, offer your staff / services to charity campaigns and collaborate with other companies in your area. for catering company is a library of “structured data” tags. This allows you to provide search engines with context for the data on your website. By applying catering company structured data to your website, it is clearer to Google where your catering company is located, what the opening times are, what kind of food is served and how your guests experience this. This is a technical implementation, so it is best to ask your developer.

Ask guests to leave a review

Many people will read reviews when choosing a catering company. Social proof is a concept in which people look at the actions and experiences of others when making choices. It is therefore important that your guests speak well about you and that others can see this. Therefore, ask your guests to leave a review on the internet. It is useful if you have this done in different places, such as Google My Business, Facebook and Home Delivery. This increases your reach and allows Google to show the average rating of the different platforms on your Google My Business listing when users search for your catering company. Respond to both positive and negative reviews to show that you take your guests seriously and value their opinions.

In addition, it is of course useful if you also show the reviews on your website.

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