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SEO Positioning For Architects & Interior Design Companies

The architecture, how beautiful, what art, how necessary! But how many headaches does it bring you, right, architect friend? Well, to start thinking about making yourself known in the also complex world (even if you think not so much) of the internet and web positioning. You have enough with what you have!

We are going to show you how from Grown Up Digital we can help you stand out from the rest of the architects. We will make sure that projects do not stop entering your studio, even if that means you screw up cafes!

What benefits will I have with the positioning of my architectural & interior design firm?

You who dedicate yourself to creating good and strong structures, should not limit yourself to doing it simply in your designs and in your work as an architect. You must do it in all areas of your life and your business.

The structure of the website of your study must be carefully designed so that the positioning strategies are optimal and the maximum profitability is obtained from them.

The improvement of the navigability of your website will not only make the indexing better and therefore it will be easier to attract traffic in search engines with the keywords and place you among the first results; If not, the user (also known as a potential client) will see a neat and coherent web page and will feel, therefore, more attracted to browsing it. And as you already know, that in your working world is essential. The design and image is everything in the architecture.

I want to position my architecture studio

The SEO positioning of interior designers in Hyderabad & architects is no longer simple that there is a lot of supply on the market (as in almost all sectors, go) but not as much demand. Therefore, before we do so, it is necessary that you communicate the following to us:

What differentiates you

Normally what can differentiate you from other studies is your brand:

– Who you are

– what have you done

– How do you do it

What projects and services do you offer

Not the same position if you want to dedicate to interior architecture, the private architecture or public and civil. Define the keywords well, it is, worth the redundancy, key.

On the other hand, think carefully about what services you provide: the more specific your service, the less competition you will have; which translates into greater chances of success. For example activity licensesenergy certifications or interior design projects.

What is your target?

Having previously defined what type of projects you want to carry out, it will be easier to define your target or target audience. In other words, focus on the end user who wants to build a house, or the public administration.

Where you want to work?

Think global, but act local. In cities with many inhabitants, there is a lot of competition. It is not the same to position architects Malaga than architects Barcelona. The most normal thing is to link yourself to the town where your studio is located. But do not limit yourself to that, also think about nearby towns that may need your services and where you could work.


Here the complex part would come for you, but you have been lucky to find us, since this is what we do, what we like.

You dedicate yourself to designing buildings that you already have enough. We take care of designing your website and your studio’s SEO positioning strategy.

What should I not do?

In the world of architecture it is very important that you show that your studio is the order of the day, following international trends even though you are focused more locally.

Use your language

Despite that, if you want to position yourself in the Bangalore and Hyderabad markets, you should not make the mistake of using the local Engish language, no matter how cool the terms are. You are not a strategistdesign manager or architect. You are an architect.

Be careful with the images

We know that architecture is a very visual and stylish business. We know you want to show huge and impressive images of your projects, how much sweat and tears they have cost you. We know and understand that you want to “show off” them. They are your babies.

But be careful:

  • For Mr. Google, a picture is not worth a thousand words. It is a robot that is not guided by emotions like us humans. For this reason, their algorithms give priority to texts over images.
  • The size and weight of the images should not be too large, otherwise the web will take too long to load. You have to optimize them so that it takes at most… 2 or 3 seconds!
  • Although it is not so visual and minimalist (something we know you love) you have to include texts on the page. If you want not many, but those necessary to enter the keywords without being stuck with a shoehorn and that Google can understand what you offer.

Why should I position myself?

Are you seriously still wondering this?

Do you want to stand out from the competition?

Do you want profitability?

Do you want new projects?

If the answer is yes (which we understand that obviously it will be) YOU MUST POSITION.

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