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Choosing the best SEO services in Hyderabad for your project is not simple but it is necessary, since today for many companies and professionals SEO is the advertising channel with the highest ROI. So rather than deciding whether to invest in SEO or not, you need to limit yourself to how much to invest per year. But let's see the main aspects to keep in mind before choosing the right agency or professional for your website and the foolproof method for an objective evaluation.

Some aspects to evaluate before choosing the SEO agency in Hyderabad

Let's focus on some points to consider before choosing the SEO services or consultant for your SEO project:
1. Lower Price
2. Timing
3. Flexibility
4. Cooperation
5. Innovation
Each of these phases is fundamental for putting yourself in a position to obtain results with a view to positioning and increasing organic traffic.

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1. Lower price

SEO is a professional service, not a commercial product.

Choosing the agency or SEO consultant based on the lowest price, is undoubtedly a completely wrong approach that in the long run will transform SEO from a potential profitable investment to a mere cost.

The first principles of choice must be competence and results . If the competence can hardly be assessed in the prospect phase, the results are objective.

At the end of this article we will see how to objectively evaluate the skills and results of an SEO agency or consultant before choosing it.

2. Timing

SEO should be considered as a long-term investment because it requires time, skills and perseverance to obtain important results.

If you want to get results in a month, our advice in almost all cases is not to invest in SEO, rather not to invest in web marketing activities, as it would make little sense as an advertising investment.

In this case, it is advisable to purchase a commercial on Mediaset channels.

3. Flexibility

Although SEO, over time and if implemented correctly, results in very stable results in terms of organic traffic , the algorithmic changes of the search engines and the entry of new competitors on the scene, mean that the results of the serp are changing over time and make a site susceptible to uphill and downhill variations.

It is therefore effective to judge the results at least on a half-yearly basis , not getting excited immediately for any positions acquired as well as not panicking for those lost in the short term.

4. Cooperation

As I have already explained in the article " A true SEO case history ", an SEO project to be able to achieve marketing objectives, requires total customer collaboration .

An agency or consultant, although highly competent, cannot do anything without the client's participation and collaboration.

5. Innovation

Many companies and professionals want to promote themselves through the web, without however wanting to transform their structure so that it is ready for this type of promotion.

On the web, the company and its organization are not at the center of everything: users, their research and navigation habits are at the center.

An SEO campaign works precisely on these aspects in the intelligence phase, and it is thanks to these analyzes that it is possible to establish the correct content architecture that a site will have to host and an understanding of what works or not.

Which professionals and SEO agencies to be wary of

Let's see some points that allow you to locate an unreliable agency or professional:

  1. Promise of immediate results
  2. Positioning guarantees
  3. Social presence but poor visibility on Google
  4. No explanation of the method used

1. Promise of immediate results

There are some cases in which it is actually possible to obtain results in a short time (we always speak of at least 2-3 months), but in most cases to obtain results through SEO it takes a long time and for this reason it is intended as a long-term investment .

Be wary of those who promise fast results and with easy solutions , because probably: either you are dealing with an improvised or with those who use incorrect techniques that in the long run could penalize your site, completely frustrating your investments.

After all, if it were so easy they would all be on the front page, instead the results are only ten.

2. Positioning guarantees

No SEO agency in Hyderabad can give certain guarantees of positioning on specific keywords (see official documentation ), precisely because of the continuous evolution of search engines and their rules.

It is advisable to be wary of those who guarantee you positioning in the very first positions of Google , as I believe it is absurd to expect such a guarantee from a customer.

The only guarantees that any serious agency un Hyderabad can give you are competence and professionalism. Finally, always keep in mind that the real goal is to obtain qualified traffic and not the positioning of keywords for their own sake.

3. Social presence but poor visibility on Google

Social Networks and Search Engines are two different traffic channels .

SEO (search engine optimization) allows qualified traffic to be obtained from the natural search engine results; Social Media Marketing allows you to get traffic from Social Networks.

An SEO agency or consultant in Hyderabad who does not have a well-positioned site and poor visibility on search engines, even if they assiduously discuss SEO on Social Networks (for example on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) are certainly passionate about the matter, at most from hire as a Social Media Specialist, but not to manage your SEO projects.

Ask yourself this question: if they spend a lot of their time discussing on social media, when do they find time to work on SEO campaigns (if they have any to manage)? The answer is yours.

4. No explanation of the method used

SEO is a technical marketing discipline and therefore requires technical skills, but this does not mean that an agency or consultant should not indicate the working methods they will use to optimize the client's site.

Be wary of those who do not provide explanations about the strategy, or limit themselves to vague explanations (for example "you can't do it" without explaining why technically).

Always pretend to understand the methods used and when you are asked for expensive changes, get links to official sources (for example Google documentation) about the goodness of these implementations.

Find the best SEO agency in Hyderabad 6 steps

We now come to the heart of this article or how to find the best SEO agency in Hyderabad(or consultant) objectively.

Previously I explained that the criteria for choosing the agency or consultant for your project should be restricted mainly to two parameters: competence and results.

Who gets results in SEO also proves to have skills for a simple reason: the search engine results are Democrats.

The first page of natural search engine results is established by secret algorithms that reward the best 10 sites for each search based on more than 200 factors.

For this reason, it often happens to also see small business sites on the front page in better positions than multinational companies, for the simple reason that they have better sites.

For example, in the SEO niche compete the best agencies and the best consultants who offer search engine positioning services and who compete with each other to be on the first page of Google.

Understanding objectively who is competent and capable of obtaining results is quite simple by following these 6 steps:

  1. select a set of keywords, at least a dozen Related SEO industry (for example: SEO expert, quote SEO, SEO consulting, etc.).
  2. open your browser, go to settings and delete all browsing data (history, cookies, etc.). This operation is necessary to avoid results influenced by previous research;
  3. start searches based on the set of keywords previously established;
  4. for each search, write down the 10 sites that appear on the first page of the Google ranking;
  5. identify the domains that appear several times following the searches made (with excel and a pivot table it is very simple);
  6. The domains that present the most occurrences and that are most present in the rankings are those that are objectively able to obtain results.


  1. With these 6 simple steps, anyone can easily get the sites of valid agencies and professionals to contact for their SEO campaign.

    This is certainly an objective and highly effective method. If you know other ways to find the best professionals and the best SEO agencies in Hyderabad, do not hesitate to indicate it in the comments!

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