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What is White hat SEO?

In the world of  SEO  we have a lot of techniques to  improve the positioning of a website , but not all of them are the same. Today we are going to see what the cleanest and safest variant of SEO positioning implies: the  White hat.

What is White hat SEO?

The  white hat SEO  encompasses the  SEO techniques recommended by search engines, ethical, transparent and non-penalisable. In short, it is the most legal way to do SEO.

In contrast to the white hat, we have the  black hat SEO, which seeks to achieve rapid positioning based on unethical techniques or directly prohibited in search engine guidelines, and which in the long run usually leads to penalties.

And in the middle of both would be a third category, the  grey hat, which tries to push the limits of what is allowed but without being as risky as the black hat.

Advantages of white hat SEO

  • Security:  The  white hat  search engine optimization techniques are guaranteed not to be penalized by Google, since they follow its instructions to the letter.
  • Ethics: If you manage to be in the first positions with  white hat SEO , it will be because you are doing things well and providing real value to users.
  • Stability: Pages that use black hat techniques can achieve positioning in a short time, but when they are caught and penalized, the fall in the rankings is very hard. On the other hand, optimizing the pages with SEO white hat positioning methods guarantees that the position achieved is lasting, even if there are changes in Google’s algorithms.
  • Profitability: White hat techniques manage to generate organic and high-quality traffic, which in turn results in a rise in all digital marketing indicators (lead generation , conversions, etc.). In addition, they guarantee that we will not lose the investment if Google penalizes us.

White hat SEO techniques

  • Keyword research: That is, find out which are the most important search terms for our brand and use them naturally in texts, images, headings, etc. Be careful: keyword stuffing (repeating keywords over and over again at the cost of readability) is considered black hat SEO, so do not abuse.
  • Content creation: Unique, quality and original content offers high value for users and naturally generates inbound links, which improves reputation and search engine positioning on the web.
  • Optimization for mobiles: Since Google’s algorithm uses the mobile version of the websites as the basis for its index, it is essential to optimize our site for mobile, either with a  responsive design  or with  AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) .
  • Improved loading speed: Another very relevant factor not only for search engine positioning, but also for the user experience.
  • Structuring of contents and URLs: A well-organized website with friendly links greatly facilitates the work of Google robots and therefore is rewarded with a good positioning.

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