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8 WordPress SEO Tips to Boost your Search Engine Rankings

SEO plays a major role in improving the website’s organic traffic, leads and sales. It works on two sides- Technical and natural. When the technical aspects are used in the website, it is known as technical SEO, and when all the natural ways are used to branding, it is known as Natural SEO.

WordPress SEO can help in increasing the overall revenue of the website. And it is said that websites designed on WordPress while keeping all the SEO essentials in mind will help in the business growth. When the audience reaches your website, they are seeking high-quality experience and engaging content. And that’s where WordPress SEO plays a major role by providing a brilliant website with quality content, file names, tags, keywords and more.

We at Grown Up Digital, also use these SEO tips and tricks to improve the rank of your business and let it grow. In this blog, we are going to talk about such WordPress SEO Tips that will help in boosting your website’s ranking. But before that, let’s talk about SEO and its importance.  

Why is SEO important for WordPress Website?

When you want to run a WordPress website, it becomes very crucial to work on its optimization. And at this time, the proper SEO will be more important than beautification. An SEO-friendly website gets more traffic as they appear on the top. That’s why it’s not wrong to say that SEO will increase your popularity in the Online World.

A business is nothing if it is not able to achieve a higher ranking on Google SERPs. So the best way to get business is by keeping things simple and focusing on SEO. Although WordPress offers enough SEO plugins, you still have to follow some tips to make things easier for you. So here are such 7 WordPress SEO strategies that will help in improving your website’s ranking:

1. Focus on Site mapping of the Website:

Unlike a landing page, a website contains hundreds of pages, depending on the brand and what it is dealing with. So if you want to get your website indexed by Google, it becomes important to tell them about the entire website structure. 

At this point, Google XML sitemap plays a major role and luckily, it is very easy to do. This plugin is already available on WordPress that helps the designer to generate the sitemap automatically. This map can be later on used for Indexing on Search Engine.

2. Follow the SEO Themes: 

WordPress offers hundreds of themes and each of them helps in website’s beautification. Also, they are designed in a way that can easily be used for SEO. 

 As each business is different, it becomes even more important to choose the theme accordingly. And here, you should be more concerned about speed and code. When a website is designed while focusing on best SEO practices and Google Bots, it is easily able to best source for itself.

  Here are some basics that you should keep in mind while selecting the SEO theme:

  • Focus on the Open Graph Meta Tags Incorporation.
  • Use Meta tags and heading for clarity.
  • Focus on Neat structure with appropriate HTML coding.
  • Use appropriate Canonical URL Meta Tags.

3. Optimizing the Media: 

Media plays a major role in improving the SEO of a website. And that’s why you should put some extra efforts on them. So choose the best-suited platform and use the best-suited tags and names for the image. It will help in determining your understanding of SEO. Also, you have to use the appropriate hashtags and indirectly improve your website’s rank.

When we talk about uploading an image or video for a WordPress website, it becomes quite important to use the right title, caption, alt text, and description. This is a sign of perfect SEO.

4. Use the right Links and Anchor Text:

Adding Links to the post will help in SEO. So you should add the links to your own posts and interlink it with another post of your website. It will improve the SEO process and user experience by providing extra information. 

Anchor Text is also equally important for the website as google check for the same while optimizing the website. So this human-power text should give equal importance.

5. Hosting: 

The Google Ranking of your WordPress website depends on its speed. Therefore, to improve the ranking of the website, you should focus on good and reliable hosting of your website. Keep SEO techniques in mind and combine them together. There are many different hosts in the market, some are big while some are small. So choose the best one depending on the business type.

6. Use High-Quality Content:

Content plays a major role in improving user-engagement, and both the blogs and website content are equally important. WordPress SEO works on the content to a huge extent as it is the combination of meaningful and error-free content and keywords. Therefore, pay more attention to it. 

Whenever you are creating content for your WordPress Website, keep these features in mind:

  • Uniqueness: Your content should be unique as Google doesn’t allow you to post plagiarized content. 
  • Shareable: Your content should connect with the users so that they can share it further. Try to keep it engaging and informative.
  • Actionable: The content to allow the user to take some action. If they will be able to connect with your website, they will immediately take some action.

7. Focus on SEO Plugins: 

 WordPress SEO plugins are an important part of SEO practices as they allow you to add the information, rather than manually adding SiteMaps, Tags, and more. Also, it is the easiest way to add focused keywords in the content. You can choose the best type of Plugin option like Yoast Plugin and SEO friendly Images as they will make everything systematic for you.

8. Use SEO Softwares:

In addition to all wordpress SEO settings, one still needs the external SEO tools to further enhance the WordPress SEO Optimization. SEO Softwares like Ahrefs, SEM Rush can help in an advanced level to technical SEO errors, internal Links, Focus keywords.etc. It is essential to use the right SEO tool to make wordpress SEO more better.

There are many different techniques that you can implement in WordPress SEO, but these are some of the best ones. Other than these, you can also focus on the following elements to improve the Search Engine Ranking:

  • Set the Permalinks for your website.
  • Use Google Analytics to calculate the result.
  • Focus on adding the Content Sharing options.
  • Heading Tags is the first thing that the user notices, so it should be appropriate.

WordPress is a famous CMS and helps you get a good result. It is one of the important elements in today’s Digital Marketing strategies. It is flexible to use and offer you the best options for SEO. So take benefits from these tips, and still, you are facing some difficulties, Grown Up Digital is here to help.

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